Effortlessly Manage Your Product Information

Purpose-made for e-commerce merchants looking to maximize inventory management and warehouse efficiency.

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A Centralized View of All Your Product Data

Create and manage a central of record for all your product data and monitor day-to-day sales of all products.  

See current and historical sales data at a product level

Dive into specific product performance and track your purchase orders and inbound shipments so you know when they reach Amazon’s fulfillment network.

Log Detailed Product Information

Record all the key attributes of your products from product specifications to import/ export data.

A Master Database For Your Products

Organize and store item master data for all the key attributes of your products. Product management records category, brand, iSKU, mSKU, and other key information for the entire catalog of products.

Maintain A Single Source of Data

Manage vast arrays of information critical to your company's success on a centralized system. Maintain data integrity and prevent data inconsistencies.

Provides Real Time Visibility

Connects siloed data so all departments have one solution for visibility to get answers increasing speed and accuracy throughout the business and supports the agile decisions for managing merchandise.

Consistency Across Platforms

Ensure all product information are consistent across all platforms and marketplaces.

Stay Ahead of the Game

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For growing businesses



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For expert sellers looking to scale



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