Reveal High Converting Keywords

Discover high-search frequency, high-relevance keywords to give your product listings an edge over the competition.

What is Keyword Beacon?

Keyword Beacon enables you to uncover the search terms shoppers use on Amazon. With it, you can conduct a reverse search on numerous ASINs to determine the keywords used by competing products and the keywords for which a particular product is ranked.

Effortlessly generate high-volume keywords

Find profitable keywords for your products, improving your product visibility and increasing your sales. Identify high-converting keywords, monitor keyword performance, and track changes in the marketplace.

Uncover competitor keyword strategy

Uncover your competitors' keyword strategy by analyzing their targeted keywords. Enter your competitors' ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and instantly reveal the keywords used to rank their products.

Gather and analyze competitor intelligence

Analyze your competitors' data and find ways to improve your own keyword strategy. You can view top-clicked and top converting products, identify gaps in the market, and optimize your listings.

View historical search data

Get historical search data and see how keywords have performed over time. This helps you identify seasonal trends and optimize your listings for specific times of the year, such as holidays or seasonal events.

Discover hidden keywords and optimize your listings

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