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Conquer all aspects of your Amazon business, from product launches to day-to-day operations, with AI-powered software.

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Operations Software for FBA Sellers

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Analytics Dashboard

Product Management

Purchase Management

Finance Management

Warehouse Management

FBA Management


Streamline your operations and improve performance with this comprehensive suite of ERP tools.

Real-time update of inventory levels

Modernize inventory management by connecting inventory numbers across multiple locations, departments & functions. Get a birds-eye view of real-time inventory management, which provides full visibility into your stock levels and each SKU's performance.

Streamlined analysis to boost your ROI

Maximize profits with machine learning-backed time series forecasting and timely restock suggestions. Avoid stockouts critical for a healthy IPI, which impacts your future FBA storage limits. Having a streamlined process for managing FBA inventory allows you to move faster and increase efficiency.

Get a full financial picture of your business

Generate industry profit and loss statements for a full picture of your company’s financial health. View critical metrics, including revenue, hidden fees, costs of goods sold, and operating expenses, by selecting periods to see progress, spot trends, and more.

Increase operational efficiency by > 10X

Increase your team’s efficiency with robust tools and access to a high volume of data. Automate tasks to reduce errors, improve ROI, and allocate your team’s time to more strategic responsibilities.

Give your products the best chance at sticking the launch

Market Radar

Keyword Beacon

AI Copywriter

Sales Estimator

Product Launcher

From research to launch, fuel the growth of your Amazon business with data intelligence and ai-powered tools.

Market Radar

Discover profitable niches with high-demand low-competition keywords

AI Copywriter

Generate engaging product descriptions with AI

Keyword Beacon

Generate high-volume, high-relevance keywords

Sales Estimator

Calculate monthly sales with Amazon BSR and category

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