Product Launcher

Kick-start your Amazon business

Leverage machine learning-powered algorithms to give your launch the boost it needs.

Give your product launches an AI-fueled boost

Ensure launch success with our essential tools

Market Radar​

Get a bird's eye view on market data and Identify profitable product niches.

Keyword Beacon

Optimize product listings with high-converting, relevant keywords for search visibility.

AI Copywriter

Generate compelling and effective product listings in a matter of seconds.

Sales Estimator

Get accurate sales estimation calculated by our machine learning-based algo.

Discover Potential Product Niches

A Master Database For All Products

Organize and store item master data for all the key attributes of your products. Product management looks after product description, category, brand, iSKU, mSKU, and other key information for the entire catalog of products.

Prevent Data Overlap

Manage vast arrays of information critical to your company’s success. Ensure  every product has all the necessary data points entered to prevent overlap or mislabeling.

Consistency Across Platforms

Ensure all product information are consistent across all platforms and marketplaces.

Refine Your Keyword Strategy

Maximize Warehouse Efficiency

Manage error-free inventory levels, seamlessly optimize inventory allocation across multiple locations, and ensure best productivity from your operations team to maximize efficiency.

Minimize Manual Workflows & Processes

Automate your processes to get more done with your existing resources, assets, and teams. No additional investments required in hardware.

Get Complete Visibility & Control

Get complete visibility and control for your end-to-end logistics operations aligned with your Amazon selling operations and processes.

Automate Product Listings with AI

Create & Track Purchase Orders

Easily create and track purchase orders. Add items from your database to have specs and details automatically populated, or add external items manually.

Simplify Purchase Order Management

Simplify purchase order management with an organized database that can be filtered by buyer, supplier, status, and more. Gain 100% visibility into company spending at every stage.

Built-In Purchase Approval Process

Reduce human error and improve order accuracy with an automated purchase approval process. Set parameters on order placements which provides enhanced security and prevent expenses and inventory spiraling out of control. 

Unveil Hidden Sales Data

Monitor All You Income & Expense Items

Automated retrieval of all Amazon related transactions to help you keep track of orders, expenses, and reimbursements. Manage and track other expenses, such as warehouse maintenance, rent, sample costs, software tools etc.

Full Profit & Loss Accounting

Generate industry-standard Profit & Loss statements ready to share with your accountant. View P&L statements at a product level, seller-account level, or business level.

Manage Payments With Ease

Keep up with bill payments and everyone you owe. Make partial payments and our follow-up system will keep track of the remainder when it is due.

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